Project Controls for Owners

With 4castplus, Owners gain total control and deep visibility into Project Costs and Vendor Performance. 4castplus helps eliminate project surprises and ensures Owners can slash the chances of project cost overruns

Owners and Producers today are more aware of the need for project cost controls on major projects. It’s time to wipe out the surprise of unexpected costs that stack up as a project is coming to a close. For full control and visibility into costs, accruals, remaining cost-to-complete and vendor performance, 4castplus delivers total control and real-time clarity into their projects.


  • Budgeting and Forecasting with Time-Phased Accrual Reporting
  • Earned Value Management
  • Dashboards with Real-time, Drill-down Reporting
  • Project Tracking for LEM
  • Full Procurement System
  • Total Purchase Order Management, Tracking, Invoicing & accrual reporting
  • Change Order Management with Approvals
  • Import cost data feeds from EPCs and Contractors. Get real-time progress and cost information.
  • Integration with Financial Accounting system / ERP
  • Business Intelligence, Analytica, Powerful Cash-Flow Reporting
  • Program/Portfolio management and program-level reporting
  • Contingency Management
  • Vendor management and reporting including vendor productivity and rating

Total Unity and One-Touch Data Simplicity

Organizations seeking to reduce the need to re-key data from one place to the next will achieve the control and simplicity of One-Touch data. With 4castplus, information only goes in once; then is used in multiple places for multiple purposes. Collaborate with your project team on estimates, procurement and change orders. Everyone’s looking at the same information all the time – no fear of data being out of date or not in sync. 4castplus is available anywhere and on any device, so you can access it from work, home and the airplane and you’re always in sync.

Continuous Indicators of Project Performance

Knowing what you’ve Estimated to spend along with you’ve Actually spent is powerful by itself; but also knowing what’s Remaining to be spent is where the big value of 4castplus really shines. Having accurate forecast to complete (ETC) numbers along with Cost Variance (CV), Schedule Variance (SV) and Cost Performance Indicators (CPI) provide valuable early indicators of where your project is at and where it’s going. No more surprises at the end of your project that you’re over budget. Find out early if there are any performance issues so you can take corrective action to bring them back on track. 4castplus provides a full forecasting and EVM solution to ensure total clarity into project performance and productivity.

Time-Phased Spend Forecasting

Time-Phased budgeting is critical for cash flow management. Knowing that you have a $500m project is important, but knowing when that $500m is going to be spent really brings it to the next level of project financial planning and cost control. By using real contractual agreements as to when items are planned to be paid for, the project cost engineer is then armed with an accurate timeline that predicts project spend patterns. You can even aggregate many projects together in a Forecast Spend Summary report to gain a month-by-month insight into total project expenditures. 4castplus engineering and construction estimating software is by far the most robust and easy to use system available anywhere. Click here for more…